For years, I wanted to create a website where stories from Northeast India will be shared. In 2020, I finally decided to publish this website. Chronicles of The Seven Sisters was founded with a mission to share stories of the people that did not have a voice, to be a light for those in the dark and also to narrate the unique and exciting stories taking place around the Seven Sisters. I hope through this effort I will be able to reach out to the masses and make a noticeable change.



Konica Sarkar is the founder of Chronicles of The Seven Sisters dedicated to the people of North-East India. Being from Meghalaya, she wanted to write about human interest stories of the area which were not reported by the mainstream media of the Country. Her drive for journalism and her passion for reporting real-time news has led to her study of MA Global Journalism and Public Relations at Coventry University, UK during 2019-2020

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